Feeling A Little Discouraged…

On Monday I decided to run my locomotives around on the layout to test the turnouts.

First I ran the V0-1000 diesel around. Sadly it did not go all that well. It looks like I need to do some re-work on all the turnouts. The point rails don’t quite allow enough clearance and the loco kept derailing.

So I thought it would be fun to just run it on the curves. But the loco made a sort of grinding noise when moving on a curve. That’s not right. So I took it apart to investigate. As far as I can tell there is too much play in the worm gears. So I ordered some shims.

That’s one loco down.

I thought maybe I would pull out the steam locomotive and try it. It didn’t want to run well at all either. At first I thought it was an electrical pickup problem because it would start and stop randomly, but since the sound didn’t stop working when the loco stopped moving it probably wasn’t that. I didn’t feel like taking it apart also so I just packed it away again. I have a feeling it’s binding somewhere and maybe the motor I put in it isn’t really strong enough either. So I ordered a new motor to try later.

That’s two locos down.

I thought it would be fun to try the Proto 2000 GP7 that I bought, even though it doesn’t have DCC in it yet. But first I had to take it apart and replace the gears on the axles. That wasn’t too bad a job so I hooked up an older DC power pack to the rails and ran the GP7 around a bit. It also was derailing on the switches (no surprise really) and it wasn’t running that well either, though that may be the power packs fault. I need to save up a few more dollars and order the DCC decoder to install in it. So I put it away on the shelf and went and took a nap.

That’s three locos down.

For those keeping score, I have three locomotives, none of which are running well. I also have track work that doesn’t work.

I’m going to have to rework all the turnouts until the locos can navigate them properly. And repair the locomotives.

So I’m a little discouraged with the layout at the moment.

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4 Responses to Feeling A Little Discouraged…

  1. Eric says:

    That’s frustrating. My first couple turnouts I made had some trouble too. Luckily shifting one of the points for more clearance shouldn’t be too difficult. Might need to adjust the bullfrog too.

    Those proto2000 gears were such a pain. I had so many that were cracked. Was it hard to replace the gears? I bought new axles with the gears on them.

    Are all the wheels in gauge on your locos?

    Keep it up!

  2. timf says:

    Thanks Eric. Replacing the gears was pretty simple, the wheels just pull out of the old gears. Pressing them into the new gears took a little force, but wasn’t too hard.

    I did check the gauge of all the wheels. I think the locos derail because the flanges on the wheels are thicker than on the rolling stock I had tested with before. Also the wheels are further apart along the length of the trucks than on car trucks.

  3. Eric Gagnon says:

    Well, it’s easy to say, ‘Don’t be discouraged, Tim’, but really…don’t be discouraged. The beauty of our model kingdoms is that when things don’t work out we can go upstairs, go for a walk, drink heavily, or have a nap! Tnen return later to work on them some more. The prototype has to fix everything and get it going right away, by comparison.

    I bought two of the Proto units one time and had to return them to the seller for those very issues. Discouraging! Sad!

    Catching up on your progress – the scrap metal flat, backdrops and most of all your ‘soup can unit train’ really caught my eye and are neat additions.

    Full steam ahead!
    Yet another Eric,

    • timf says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been re-working the turnouts and most of them are in pretty good shape now. I need to use a little more care when building them apparently. The turnouts were a little tight in spots and the loco wheels were just a tad wide, so the locos would ride up over the point rails. Setting the rails and wheels to gauge helped a lot.

      Got the V0-1000 mostly working, I think the jerkiness at low speed is just the motor cogging and may be inherent in the beast.

      Oh well, I’m just carrying on.

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