GN 12 Panel 40′ Box Car No. 2531

I went to Scale Model Supplies again the other day (I need to stop doing that) and picked up another couple of box car kits. These two are InterMountain kits and are just as detailed as the Red Caboose kits. Which is not surprising because InterMountain bought Red Caboose a while back.

I didn’t take any assembly photos.

This model is pretty detailed and has plenty of small, fragile parts. I think I broke all the stirrup steps more than once. I’ll be replacing those with some metal ones in the future.

Building it was a little frustrating due to the fragility of some of the parts, but I think I can change the assembly order a bit on the next model to try and prevent some of the breakage.

It did turn out as a pretty nice looking model in the end though.

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