Quick Build – GN Flatcar 69007

I swung into Scale Model Supplies today to pick up some misc parts for the steam engine re-motor I’m working on, and while I was there I perused the rolling stock they had. (Always a mistake.)

They had a selection of inexpensive models by Red Caboose that looked pretty highly detailed for the cost, so I picked up a couple of them. One of the models was a USRA 42′ flat car with fish belly sills painted for Great Northern. I’ll have to see if the GN actually had any of these, but I’m not to worried about it.

After I got home I put it together. It actually took a while because it had individual parts for all the stake pockets (24 of them), all the hand rails and the steps. The stake pockets were a pain in the butt since they are small and difficult to trim, but I managed and I think they all turned out pretty well.

I only took one in-process photo and that was when I started painting the deck. So here it is.

Painting the flat car deck.

I installed Kadee #5 couplers into the draft gear and replaced the molded plastic wheels with some InterMountain steel wheels I had. They roll really well in the trucks that came with the car.

I’ll probably go back and weather the car some more later, but I think it’s a nice looking model. I’ll have to make up some loads to carry on it too, but that’s another project.

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