Blucher Glue Works

This is a re-post from my personal blog. I posted it there before I had a name and blog for my layout.

For my second laser kit I decided to go with something a bit larger. I bought a copy of GC Lasers Blucher Glue Works.

I bought it because it’s visually interesting, and it has an amusing name. If you are unaware of where the name comes from, you need to go watch Young Frankenstein. Interestingly enough, the word “Blucher” is not German for “glue” as is commonly thought. The horse whinny was just added because the producers thought it was funny.

In any case, the kit is very well designed and looks great. The bricks are laser engraved on the sheet of material and are beautiful. The only quibble I have is that the top layer of the brick sheet is very easy to accidentally pull up at the corners.

I don’t have a lot of in-process shots of building it – I’ll do better on the next kits.

I did not paint the brick walls other than to pick out a few bricks in slightly different colors to show some variation. All the other parts were painted with acrylics and the paper parts (window frames, doors, etc.) were colored with markers.

Here are the first two walls assembled to the base.

You can see the individually colored bricks here.

One addition I made was to cut open the door on the loading dock and make an interior scene with some crates. I laser cut some details and glued it behind the door opening.

Partially assembled, with interior scene.

I also put black construction paper down the middle of the building so you can’t see right though it.

Here are the finished shots. I still want to do some more weathering, specifically the concrete dock and the roof, but I think it looks pretty nice.

The crates on the dock are laser cut from card stock and colored with markers.

I would build another GC Laser kit. They are pretty well designed and turn out nice.

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