Progress Report – 3 June 2019

Since the last update I have done the following:

  • Installed the 3/8″ plywood.
  • Painted the backdrop sky blue.
  • Installed the 1-1/2″ pink foam.
  • Determined what the basic track plan should be.
  • Laid out the track plan on the foam, placing switches and buildings.
  • Built three more switches (ran out of rail stock and had to stop.)
  • Started gluing down the cork roadbed.

Here are some progress pictures.

Gluing down the pink foam. Backdrop has been painted.
Laying out the track and buildings – East end.
Laying out track and buildings – center area.
Laying out track and buildings – West end.
Gluing down cork roadbed – East end.
Low angle shot of the roadbed just for fun.
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