Building the 120 Ton Wrecking Crane – Part 2

After the last blog post I spent some more time on this build. So I’ll make another progress post.

Step five is to assemble the pulleys and boom forks. The pulleys are three pieces each and I had to sand them down a bit to make them fit in the forks.

Looking at the photo I realize that I should fill the sink areas with some putty before I declare these finished.

Step six is to assemble the two hooks. The big hook is six pieces.

Step seven is to build the cab. This was a few more parts and gluing the sides on was a little fiddly. But I got it done.

Step eight is to assemble the winch drums, control levers, cylinders and front rollers.

And that’s as far as I got yesterday. This afternoon I will probably finish up all the sub-assemblies and then prep it for paint.

This build is going a bit faster than I expected.

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