Adding More Ground Cover

I seem to have gotten over the hump and I am starting to work on the layout again. I decided where Western Crate was going to be located so I put down some ground cover there.

I also added gravel shoulders to the rest of the road and I put some more paint on the road. It still needs the centerline added.

Next I added a gravel parking lot and some grass around Mickey’s Diner. I used some different gravel to add some variety.

I still have a lot of grass to put down. I’m really enjoying using static grass now that I have a pretty good method down. The key for me is to vacuum up the extra grass while the glue is still wet – this helps the grass stand up even more.

I also decided on a name for the stove dealer – “Fisher Stove and Range” – named after Phryne Fisher (because why not?) So I started playing around with signs for the building. This is the current design but these are just temporary until I finalize it. I think I’m going to tweak the word “and” and then it will be done.

I’ve also decided that Hawley Brothers Welding (looks like I never documented that build here) will go inside the curve of the road, but I needed something else for the stretch between it and Western Crate, so I’ve purchased the kit for Boxwell Caskets.

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