Progress Report – 6 Oct 2019

Time for another progress report. Lots of random things have been worked on since the last update.

I’ve been adding more details to Lutgens Creek and here is a photo where I am test fitting the bridges and bridge shoes.

Lutgens Creek

I got the fascia boards installed.


I applied Scultamold to the gap between the foam and the fascia. Then I painted it tan and added static grass. So that looks nice and neat now.

Neat edges.

In the background of the photo you can see a building I’m making. It started out as a flat photo on a piece of foam core and I’m adding some depth to it. That will be a post all it’s own later.

I also built seven of the Bull Frog turnout controllers and installed and wired them up. I had to do some tweaking to my hand built switches but most of them are working pretty well. I might have to go back and tweak a couple some more yet. We’ll find out when I get the control rods on.

An army of BullFrogs

I designed some control rod supports and some “reversers” and cut them out on my laser cutter. I want all of the turnouts to be in the “non-diverging” position when the control knobs are pushed in, so I need to reverse four of the eight I have installed so far.

I’m also starting to finalize the positions of the buildings and parking lots on the NE end of town. Here are a couple of shots of that.

Birds eye view.
A more reasonable angle.

I have built the extension that goes on the West end of the layout to add a couple of “fiddle yard” tracks so the trains have somewhere to come from, but that won’t take long to install and get ready. It’s not going to get much detailing.

Work continues at a pretty brisk pace. I still need to finish up Lutgens Creek so I can pour the water and install the bridges. Then I can install the rest of the track and have an operating layout while I finish the buildings and scenery.

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