Progress Report – 24 Sept 2019

Time for another update I think. Lots of things in motion again now.

I finally got my backdrops printed correctly. That’s a whole ‘nother story I don’t think I’ll get into. Suffice it to say that I ordered the backdrops in mid-July and finally got the correct ones in mid-September. But they look great.

So, major project one was installing the backdrops. I ordered them without adhesive on them since the pre-stickied ones are pretty much a “one-shot get it right or you’re screwed” kind of deal.

I used wallpaper paste to hang mine. That way I could reposition them if needed, and it was needed. 🙂

They went up pretty easily. Matching the seams was the most difficult part and I might get some seam sealer and re-visit one seam.

First and second pieces installed. Third ready to go.
Done. Hard to get a shot of the whole thing.

I think it turned out great.

Now I can get on with the scenery. I’m going to work from right to left for a bit, since that’s the part of town I have planned out. I also need to finish up Lutgens Creek so I can finish installing the bridges and track.

One of the things I did recently was build a static grass applicator. I’ve been applying static grass to Lutgens Creek and it looks pretty good! I don’t have a photo for some reason, and can’t take one now since it’s currently covered with grass while the glue dries. But soon!

Here is the end of the layout with some sculptamold on it to relieve the flatness of the foam.

The next step is to paint it brown, since under everything else there is dirt!

I also dug around in the shop and found I had enough hardboard to make fascia panels, so I cut those out and the second coat of paint is drying already. They should be installed shortly.

The green is kind of a cross between GN Empire Builder green and the dark green used for control panels in the 50s.

So, that’s the current status, but it’s really ramping up now. I’m working on buildings and roads also so I can figure out what goes where.

So much to do!

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