10/08/2020 Photo Dump Update

I realized that I’ve been posting a lot of photos over on my Facebook page and on the Model Railroad Forums site, but neglecting my blog. I feel kind of like the blog is for larger posts with more detail.

But I’ve noticed that some of the model railroad blogs I follow post long articles, some post mostly single photos and some a mix. So I’m going to try and remember to post more things here that are shorter, or single photos.

I’ve been having more fun building freight cars, details and buildings instead of working on the layout or running trains, mainly because my turnouts on the layout have been causing me some trouble – but that’s another post. So here are some photos and descriptions of some of what I’ve been building.

I built a Tichy Jib Crane and added it to Vaught Freight. I also added a stack of pallets and some bagged freight.
UP Boxcar 105300. I bought this one because I liked the slogan.
I also decided that Universal Scrap Metals needed a crane. This is a Durango Press jib crane.
Frisco box car 7694. I tend to buy freight car kits that I find interesting.
I bought some cast garbage cans and painted them.

The garbage cans sent me down a rabbit hole about what dumpsters were available in the late 50’s. Believe it or not the info is out there on the internet along with very good photos of 50’s vintage garbage trucks. Nobody makes models of 50’s vintage garbage trucks so I’m scratch building one. But that’s another blog post when it’s finished.

A truck that I weathered up.
I bought a pair of Trailer On Flat Car (TOFC) sets. This one has GN trailers.
The other TOFC set.

The flat cars are dated 1963, but I can back-date them to pre-1958 because the Great Northern started using TOFC around 1954. These models came assembled and weathered.

A Proto 2000 kit of SL-SF drop end gondola 61048. I did some weathering on this one.
I also added some details to GP7 655.

The details included the winterization hatch and cold weather windows that came with the model and I added a “fire cracker” radio antenna, a bell and some re-railers. I still have a snow plow to add.

GTW box car 515146. Some heavier weathering on this one.
CB&Q box car 63529 has a bit lighter weathering as it’s only about a year old at this point.
A Red Caboose kit of NP wood sheathed reefer 90019.

This reefer is a little old for my layout, but I figure I can patch the re-weigh date a little closer to 1959 (it’s currently 1931) and besides, it’s my layout.

That’s all I currently have for this update, but I need to write some more posts about other things I’ve been doing and building.

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