Mickey’s Diner

When I was at the train show I decided the residents of Blackwing needed somewhere to eat. There was a vendor with the Walther’s “Betty’s Diner” kit for sale at a reasonable price and since it fit my time period I thought I’d pick it up.

The majority of the kit is molded in a greyish “silver” color, with the seats and tables molded in red. There are also some clear parts for windows.

I sprayed the grey parts with Rustoleum Aluminium spray paint to make them look more like chrome, and left the red parts alone. I thought about washing the red parts with some black to add some detail, but you can’t really see the interior all that well when it’s assembled.

The model goes together okay, but it’s not the most well designed kit I’ve ever assembled. There are places where they could have made better locating tabs or pins, and the curved plastic windows are terrible. If I’d realized how bad they were going to be I would have replaced them with some clear acetate or something. Oh well.

I only took a few photos when I was assembling it.

Assembling the ends and installing the windows in the front.
Here the vestibule is assembled and I’ve painted the inside walls and am installing the tables.
All of the interior is assembled now except for the counter stools.
Walls attached, interior completed. There’s even a malt machine and a cash register.
Roof edging and upper trim installed.
The finished project.

I didn’t like any of the signs that came with the kit, so I made my own. There is a pair of local diners named “Mickey’s” that have pretty tasty “greasy spoon” food, so I grabbed a photo of their name and massaged it to suit.

It might be fun to get an old heavyweight passenger car and re-model it into a true “dining car” restaurant, but that’s a project for another time.

The model still needs an HVAC unit on the roof, some signs on the windows, a parking lot and people. I left the roof loose so I can add people and some lights.

It turned out pretty well.

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